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Rumah Spa(20110430 星期六) Day 3

Rumah Spa

Address : Jl.Pratama No.35A,Tanjung Benoa

Tel: +62-361-778877/+62-8123808690

2.5HR Rp300,000

我們選做Indonesian Ritual Body Spa 2.5小時 Rp300,000/人


我copy leaflet 上的介紹

Begins with aromatic foot bath with peppermint sea salt followed by body massage

using lemongrass oil which is good for fever&muscle sore,then body

polish with natural yogurt to restore & condition the skin.

The treatment will finished with flower petal bath.

Javanese Lulur body scrub : soften &brighten the skin(an ancient

indonesian ritual prior to wedding day)

19:53-20:00 Tanjung Benoa

開車去Rumah Spa

其實很近在同一條路上,要經過ClubMed,而且Rumah Spa 也有專車接送的

20:00-22:20 Tanjung Benoa

Rumah Spa

我們兩人都選傳統Lulur Spa ,也就是全身去角質.

最後附送一杯姜茶 (這幾天喝過最好喝的姜茶,就是這杯)

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